Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hope hangs eternal. 4.1.2012.

News that 32,000 homes within Scotland had been affected by power losses doesn't incur optimism, as obviously the scale of the task for engineers and others is immense. As the day went on the number came down    and the Scottish Hydro bulletins more frequent, including the news that 400 engineers had been drafted into the affected areas, of which Argyll was one of several. The weather had improved a bit , but I was personally surprised to hear the ferries had run, but relieved to learn that our quota of engineers had arrived.
With none of the "domestic facilities" being restored it was sadly unfortunate to cancel a visit my two daughters were intending to make for a few days, commencing tomorrow, but given all the uncertainty I guess it was somewhat sensible.
With high winds and intermittent rain and hailstones it became increasingly obvious another night of reflection and contemplation was in store. The mantelpiece of my parlour fireplace more resembled an altar, indeed, all that was missing was a background of Grigorian chants.  Multi-flickering candles cast ever changing light on my favourite picture hanging on the chimney breast. It's by Tim Wootton  and depicts a male Hen Harrier flying across a desolate moor. A windswept vista within matched by similar conditions outside!!!

And so another long night ensued!  It ended up in two parts as I spent a couple of hours mid way through the night looking out for any of the predicted Quandrantid Meteors which were destined to show. Ever changing cloud and light conditions sadly resulted in nothing being recorded I'm afraid.

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