Friday, October 5, 2012

RSPB's call for action! Stop Press!

It would be uncharitable to be too critical of the RSPB as far as action against raptor persecution is concerned as addressing the actual  problems on the ground forms part of its core activities via its Investigations Section.  However, periodically promoting the Society's concerns more generally on the subject , as opposed to mounting a full blown campaign against those responsible, which is what I believe is currently needed,  has been the approach taken. Whilst not being in agreement with it , I respect the decision taken!

Today, riding on the issue of the Society's Birdcrime 2011 report, (download it, read it! ) comes an altogether more robust clarion call from Martin Harper ( Director Conservation ) against which I would offer every ounce of support. Entitled "Birdcrime: it is time for action"  it lays out very fairly what the RSPB wishes supporters to pursue. Read the whole article on Martin Harpers Blog
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Sadly, I have to agree with the sentiments expressed about Hen Harriers, namely that this may well be the final opportunity to reverse the recent trends which have brought the English population so close to extinction. This is  now the time to act, your help is being called upon!  Don't leave it to others.

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