Thursday, October 17, 2013

And now for something different!

I spent last weekend in Glasgow with daughters 2 and 3!!  Kath  ( No.3 )  had been over on Islay for a week and Rachael ( No 2 )  is currently at Glasgow University studying Fashion Design and Management  ( satin and sequins, darling!   OMG , just wait for the grief! ) and we conspired to meet up before No 3 returned to Inverness and I returned to Islay.  OK so far?

On Saturday we hit the town. I don't really know Glasgow but what I've seen makes it a special place. Whilst daughters 2 and 3 made forays into River Island, TopShop etc etc I spent my time standing dutifully outside such establishments looking after the bags and listening to the buskers of which there were several in the Centre.  I loved it!!

Now , first amongst equals was the following!.  CLANADONIA

Clanadonia web site

These guys are fantastic!  Hairy Scots they might be, but they can appeal to the very depths of anyone's emotions through their music. Incidentally, this is the first time I've attempted/achieved an image transfer so excuse me if I've got the credits etc wrong.  The above is CLADONIA, folks, please listen as they're tremendous!!

I have to confess that I love "the pipes and drums", I really do.  This group takes the whole issue to another level.  Imagine being on a battlefield in long times past, ever seen Braveheart, the film, well you're there. Confronted by this lot across the battlefield I'm not sure where I'd be, south of Doncaster I imagine and looking over my shoulder at that!!  Those deep repetitive rhythms accompanied by the imperative strains of the pipes is not something you can ignore. Whilst I don't think the clip does them credit by all means listen to   and look at

In addition to all this and fabulous music they've an association with Islay Peat, a blended whisky linked to , you know where!!  Peat has a particular association with me in a personal sense, a name of a sheep dog with whom my association was far too short. RIP my friend!

As you might imagine Saturday afternoon was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, but well worth it! Thanks Clanadonia!

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