Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Gavin Gamble's E-petition.

This morning Gavin Gamble's E-petition calling for a ban on grouse shooting currently has 38,237 signatures. Time still remains for signatures to be added. Have you signed ?

Now, a personal admission !  Due to a variety of personal situations last year I'm afraid my level of  application to such things was less than perfect. Recently I checked two current E-petitions to see if I had signed. I believed I had, but I hadn't !!  Setting the jokes aside this is an easy thing which can happen. You believe you've signed, reassure yourself repeatedly, but actually haven't done a thing.

So, folks, if there is any chance you been serious in intent , but hesitant on follow through, could I suggest you just check. It's easy and results in a simple, polite message confirming you've already signed if such is the case.

Gavin Gamble's E-petition, check or sign here   E-petition link

Whilst it's likely only the odd signature will be garnered in this way, better to check now than discover the time limit has expired.

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