Monday, July 8, 2013

Final comments on the Ascension Frigatebird.

I'd like to add to the above title, in brackets,  "probably, but hopefully not", but I guess I'd be stretching optimism a bit too far!!

There's certainly been no further reports, but if anything breaks I'll ensure details are available.  Some further photographs have emerged this morning, sent on to Malcolm Ogilvie by a Norwegian gentleman who was on holiday in Bowmore last Friday. His report puts more precision on the timings surrounding the sightings and, better still, one of his photographs is fantastic!!  See the report on the Islay natural History Trust's website.

Pictures of Ascension Frigatebird


  1. Actually, the photograph is on the Islay Natural History Trust's blog:
    but you can, of course, get there via the Trust's website.

  2. You can get there even easier by clicking on the link provided above!!