Friday, April 4, 2014

Little return for a great deal of effort! 16.3.2014. / 17.3.2014.

We set off directly to the Worsborough Reservoir area with the intention of looking for Lesser Spotted Woodpecker yet again!  Birds seen were much as on our previous visit with no success as far as the woodpecker was concerned.  Highlight of the trip was bumping into Tim Melling (RSPB) who I'd not actually seen for several years.  Besides the inevitable "bird conversations",  the occasion provided an opportunity to have a catch up on a whole variety of subjects. Sad to hear that a couple of past colleagues are facing health problems to whom best wishes are extended. Life's ingredients can be both bitter and sweet in so many respects! It all left me feeling more than a bit dejected in all honesty , but it was good to see Tim , who hasn't changed a bit.

Despite time spent exploring all past known areas for LSW we had no success and returned home earlier than intended.

The 17th , being a Monday, Matthew was back at work and I'd arranged a southward bound itinerary with the intention of spending a day, first of all, at Rutland Water. Well, plans didn't quite work out as I'd hoped, as I felt sick as a pig, and geared things up to arrive at the Travelodge I'd booked as early as possible, devoting the rest of the day to being in bed. The reason never manifested itself, led to a deal of frustration as I'm never ill, and, all in all, was a complete failure and loss of a day!!   Not pleased!

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