Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Record amount raised for conservation.

News has emerged that the BirdFair last year raised an awesome £320,000 for BirdLife International's proposed initiatives to tackle problems associated with migratory birds in the Eastern Mediterranean. Absolutely tremendous.  I think we all need to thank the "background staff" at Rutland for making it such a successful and enjoyable event ( repeatedly too !! ).

Each year it gets better, each year it gets bigger and each year targets are met or even exceeded. How's that for a track record...... a commercial company would be over the moon!!

Congratulations to Tim Appleton and ALL his team. Much deserved !  I've worked in conservation all my life, or did do, and whilst there was the odd successes guaranteed success year on was hard to come by and somewhat different. I think any of you looking back and considering what you have contributed to in the cause of bird and habitat conservation over the years should make you feel very proud. Go on, feel smug and fill another glass,,,,,, we all owe you a drink!.