Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hen Harriers.......are we making sufficient progress?

Way back in January, 2012 I changed the title of this Blog to its current name. Previous to then it had operated under the title of Islay Birder. I wanted a more broad based title given my intention to be more involved in lobbying and other issues. During the sixteen months which have elapsed since the above date I've spent a lot of time promoting the current plight of Hen Harriers and raptor persecution in general  in the UK.  Over 30 postings have appeared where the main focus has been on the above two subjects, either collectively or separately, in addition to those associated with the Buzzard cull proposals. Some of the more relevant pieces are listed below.

Tuesday      1st May.           Hen Harriers in Bowland.....a lament!
Sunday       12th August       Raptor's muck or nettles I'm afraid!
Monday      1st  October      Hen Harriers.....satellite tracking and transparency.

Tuesday       12th February   Hen Harriers.....a wall of silence.
Wednesday  27th February   Action on Hen Harrier persecution!
Sunday          3rd March       Hen Harriers.....the lunacy must stop!
Thursday        7th March       Why are gamekeepers being protected?

All this has resulted in my deciding to register an E-petition, which I did at the end of February, see
Licencing of upland grouse moors and gamekeepers

As of this moment the number of signatures is 4350. Whilst this suggests that, by the end of February, 2014, the total will exceed comfortably that which was was gained for a previous petition associated with Vicarious Liablity,  it wouldn't appear to represent the potential number of supporters which undoubtedly are out there "in the sticks" given the number of birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts in the UK. The idea of E-petitions may be new to some, the means of registering perhaps bewildering ( just click the above link!! ) or they've simply not yet got around to submitting details yet. However, the reality of the current situation is that, if we really wish to improve things for our raptor populations, then we also need to raise our game.  This is nobody else's battle ; it's ours, yours and mine!

For anyone that is uncertain about the issues involved or the extent of persecution taking place, I can only urge that they read some of the entries listed above. For those who have signed the petition already, may I offer my heartfelt thanks.  For "birder technophobes", of which I know there are many,  please Tweet, promote on Facebook, circulate around your E-mail address books and so on. For those who might be Leaders or Secretaries of bird groups, whatever their type, please twist a few arms or publicise the details at some appropriate opportunity!!  To everyone and anyone who might assist in whatever chosen fashion,  many thanks!!!!

The reference for the petition is below if you wish to quote it in a Newsletter or correspondence. The title is as given in the link above.

Thank you all!

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