Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Public meeting re proposed YWT Visitor Centre at Spurn.

As shown in the photograph below a public meeting is to take place on 17th July, 2015 to consider all aspects relating the the YWT's proposal for a new Visitor Centre at Spurn.

It will be chaired by Graham Stuart, MP.  This will provide an opportunity for questions to be raised, the answers for which will be witnessed by all and can be judged to represent a public record. No fudging, no bluster or changing tack to avoid an issue and, in so doing the occasion will provide a record of what will constitute the basis of the future planning application and a record of what can be questioned and examined further.  It will also provide an occasion when Eon can witness the communities' reactions to them supporting the project. Hopefully the proceedings will be recorded,  i.e. not just a written record, so matters can be referred back to in a literal sense later.

Given that some inconsistencies appear to have arisen within statements issued previously this is a once and for all opportunity for local residents of Kilnsea and Easington to air their opinions and grievances. The YWT have indicated that they have a number of updates to make available and these, and previous responses,can be examined further.  Hopefully everyone will come away with a clearer view of what is intended , knowing also that the situation is unlikely to undergo any further changes.

Thankfully the reported high handed way in which those opposed to the project have been dealt with will now be a thing of the past and the meeting can mark the onset of the proposal being examined in an open fashion.

Should you be opposed to the Visitor Centre but haven't yet signed the petition associated with the proposal may I ask that you do so without delay. Please read the blog from a few days ago ( 500 people can't be wrong!!! ) which gives further background detail , but also provides a direct link to the web site carrying the petition. With increasing opposition emerging it is important that this can be demonstrated on the above occasion. Thank you.

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