Monday, September 14, 2015

" The Birds of Spurn" by Andy Roadhouse.

The pre-publication offer for this fantastic new book is now operational and you can order your copy in  a variety of ways as the details on the poster below indicates. This is an exciting publication, which brings Spurn's remarkable story and achievements bang up to date. Moreover, the story doesn't end there! It's intended that "Updates" will be issued annually which will keep the information up to date and fresh!

The offer is open until the 30th November and ensures you'll receive a copy, saves you £3.00 but can save you £8.00 if you elect to join the Friends of Spurn, which in turn brings a raft of additional benefits. So, give the following number a ring ( 01964 650479 ) or take a look at the observatory web site
or simply send your order on to Spurn Bird Observatory, Kew Villa, Kilnsea, HU12 0UB.

But , along the way, don't forget to check out the benefits of being a Friends of Spurn supporter.

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