Sunday, September 20, 2015

E-petition to ban driven grouse shooting.

 HAVE YOU SIGNED THE PETITION YET?  If not, then please follow this link

Ban driven grouse shooting.

There is a compelling reason for my issuing this Blog !!  I thought, quite genuinely, that I had signed the above petition, but I became unsure that I had done so. I went ahead and signed ( again? )  but received no dire warnings, flashing lights  etc so I'm assuming that the Government's computer has done a swift check on me and established that I wasn't attempting to cheat by attempting to sign twice !!

Clearly I hadn't signed and, therefore, I apologise publicly to Mark Avery, past colleague and friend, the person who has laid the petition. In many ways I'm an unlikely abstainer from the process given my track record, but that's not an apt excuse.  I hadn't signed, but why!  The thought occurred to me that, with the current petition following on so quickly after the previous one with the same theme, I'd managed a grand old mix up ( the solution may be within that description ! ).  The previous petition was  closed prematurely due to the General Election popping up and  it further occurred to me that I might not be the only one to have overlooked the matter.

HAVE YOU SIGNED THE PETITION YET?    If not then please follow this link.

Ban driven grouse shooting.

So, you all know what comes next ! If you're unsure, can't remember precisely, or have actually forgotten and believe otherwise , take action, NOW !  I'm sure you'll be told politely if you have signed and things won't result in a visit from the Mind Police  ( well, I do live next to Jura ........George Orwell, "1984 " ).

This petition strikes at far more than wealthy people playing at a game of choice in the uplands, a "Game of Clones" one might suggest.   The Government, Establishment and many others are riding rough shod over a plethora of relevant issues applicable to the uplands. Theirs is not to selectively opt out of their responsibilities linked to the protection of raptors, or the "control" of various mammal species, or of air pollution issues contributing to climate change or, indeed, on negative effects on water drainage. Shrugging off reality is not an option!  Most of us have to abide by the laws of the land and the selective rejection of this principle underlies the wider call for action contained within the petition.


Ban driven grouse shooting.

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