Thursday, April 11, 2019

Thursday, 11th April.. Not too much in evidence , it has to be said !

After deciding to check whether any gulls were in the Lady's Mile area we travelled direct to site after fuelling up the  "Chelsea tractor ". It was quiet with not a gull in site and the only evidence of birdlife being a few Greater Flamingo, odd Black winged Stilt ,3 LRP's, and a couple of Kentish Plover.  Rather disappointing.

We struck off road towards the outfall from Zakaki Marsh to the Akrotiri Salt Lake. Overnight rain had added  a " frissant"  effect to the journey but we managed without any adventures !  Other than three Grey Heron there was nothing in sight at all despite the whole area being undisturbed . We did manage to listen to a Spectacled Warbler in full song and see both an Isabelline Wheatear and a Black eared Wheatear .

After a look at the area around the Fish Farm and along the coastal track, which produced nothing, we centred down on the pools at the Rabbit Farm. At first the area seemed devoid of waders but we then discovered at least 20 or so Ruff  in the far corner. Time provided sightings of Common Sandpiper, Wood Sandpiper, a single Collared Pratincole and a Ringed Plover. The flock of Glossy Ibis ( 47/48 ) were still present in the main Akrotiri Marsh area along with Little and Cattle Egret, but nothing else. A spell up the Tower Hide produced three fly by Ferruginous Duck but no other movement.

Finally a visit to Agios Georgios promised very little at first , but then a Common Redstart , a couple of Blackap and several Lesser Whitethroat were located deep in cover and either feeding or resting in what now was quite blustery wind conditions.

A slightly earlier return than normal allowed me to get this Blog up to date !!!  I'm hoping to include more genearl material from now on , so watch this space.  I also had to remind myself that the first quarter of my visit is already over  ( shame !! ) but, if the remaining period is as productive and enjoyable as the first spell, then I shall be very happy indeed.

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