Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Almost the final leg! 31st January, 2012.

Paul had kindly booked a days holiday so after a few hours sleep we continued our discussions until the point at which I had to leave to travel up to Glasgow. Little arose that was  new, or which produced an immediate solution to the long dissected problem, but a feeling that a greater collective response was needed to what was most definitely a more collective effort nowadays to eradicate raptors and that the "problem" had assumed different dimensions to previously. Time will tell, but certainly effort towards its resolution will grow!

And so I set off northwards and with my mind overflowing with information, ideas and an ever growing realisation the challenge needed immediate consideration, ( set against the seemingly muted initiatives of certain organizations) , I made my way to Glasgow where the evening was spent going over and over the subject!! The past weeks had been exciting and enjoyable and had , through experiences and relationships revisited, provided   a real shot in the arm and an impetus towards being actively involved ( again ) in a very real problem!

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