Friday, February 24, 2012

Unwillingly hog tied due to birds!

Decided that, until I was free of bird-associated paperwork or similar, I'd keep at it and clear off various things that needed doing. Problem is that I then received either post or E-mails that kept topping up the pile! That's not fair, particularly as the weather improved today. Besides being mild , it was sunny at times!!

Received back the answers to various questions I'd submitted to Natural England about their current position vis a vis the Hen Harrier Recovery Programme. I couldn't resist starting an outline of an article, to be put out soon, on what continues to be a depressing situation when it comes to breeding harriers in England. Despite best intended efforts  the remaining population will be lost unless there is a public outcry. Doubtless the demise of the population presence will be seen as a victory by some, who need to remind themselves that they live in the 21st Millennium, as opposed to being blinkered , prejudiced and governed by unfettered, commercial selfishness.

Whilst some cynics will undoubtedly gripe from the complacency of their armchairs, I was pleased to see the announcement yesterday from RSPB and Tesco that funds will be raised in aid of rainforest protection. It's always easy to say what big business should be doing , but I'm afraid I always welcome any initiative that shows benefit to wildlife. At this point I need to make my own confession and salve my soul!!!  Some few years ago I cancelled my subscription to the RSPB , even given the fact I was one of their pensioners and had worked for "the firm" for twenty years. In parallel to all this, I have also to declare that I'm a staunch advocate of BirdLife International. I was incandescent when RSPB went independent and got deeply involved in SE Asia, even to the extent of gaining forest land in Sumatra,  actions that I felt should have been directed through BirdLife Indonesia. There were reasons, and I've become reconciled to such, but I felt very strongly about the issue at the time and still feel it would have been better if things had been different. Anyway, I'm now fully paid up and can trumpet the positive actions of my recently re-adopted conservation body with full hypocritical fervour! The tie up with Tesco will even benefit the Sumatran forest......... now careful, this is going beyond hypocrisy, even for me!!! Seriously, it seems to me that, in the light of seemingly endless other concerns being voiced about the threats to globally valued habitats, the rainforest " case" has been receding in recent times. It's good to see it in the forefront again.

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