Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wild behaviour by feral cat! 4th February, 2012.

Returning late evening from visiting friends in the nearby village I approached the track leading up to my house when the headlights picked up an object in the road. It proved to be a dead Rabbit!  I was both beginning to turn and looking at the hapless mammal when a black cat dashed out of the undergrowth, grabbed the Rabbit, and pulled it into a patch of  juncus adjacent to the road. Nothing particularly remarkable in many senses in that , except the method employed by the cat. It straddled the carcass with its front legs astride it and, having taken a firm grip on the neck, it then dragged it rapidly off the road in a manner reminiscent of big cats moving their prey.  I can't recollect having seen a domestic or feral cat move a large item before so have no reference point for comparison. Whilst the rabbit carcass was of a similar length to the cat it was probably marginally heavier overall.  Interesting to speculate on innate behaviour coming into play!! Whatever debatable elements arise it was both a competent and efficient job the cat completed!!  Moving kitty is one thing, dragging Rabbits is another!!