Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Inverness update! 13.2.2012.

To date the weather has been quite reasonable with snow on the high hills to the north but little more than moderate frost at lower levels. It's also been relatively calm.

The routine dog walks have provided an opportunity to gather in sightings of local birds, but with nothing extraordinary arising. However, if such circumstances were in place locally to me on Islay on New Years morning I should be pleased to welcome and celebrate such a variety of birds.  Tree Sparrow , Yellowhammer and Great Spotted Woodpecker stand prominent,  but Whooper Swans and Pink-footed Geese calling from their feeding areas adjacent to the Beauly Firth are niceneighbours.  Carrion Crow, Woodpigeon,  a variety of titmice and other common species are obvious , even a few House Sparrow, but no Starling as yet. And , in the    quietness of  a recent night the perfect repertoire from a Tawny Owl,  which then responded to my inadequate taunts.All in all a good representation of what we might describe as the fabric of our birding countryside.

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