Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A useful catch up!

Return to home had produced no problems or surprises, although the first couple of days is always fraught with catch up tasks! Such was the case today, although the tedium was broken by a visit from Pauline and Gordon Yates, who have been on Islay more or less since I departed. Gordon is a well known bird photographer and raptor enthusiast, ably supported by Pauline, who I keep meaning to ask whether she's ever been tempted to overlook retrieving him from a hide by a few hours!!! They hail from Lancashire and so talk inevitably turned to Bowland Hen Harriers, Pennine Merlins, a species we're both in love with, and cycling, as it transpired we'd both been involved competitively in the past ( rather distant past it has to be said! ) A great morning and much preferred to , as yet , undone domestic tasks!  They'd not had the best of holidays due to poor weather but had seen most of what goodies were on offer. The "white winged" gull numbers appear to have gradually diminished over the period, presumably having moved south or eastwards on to the mainland.

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