Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Eastward bound ! 18.4.2015

A pre-dawn start in order to catch the 0700 hours ferry. An uneventful crossing with my journey beginning in warm spring sunshine and great visibility, a potentially uplifting combination when embarking on any journey through Scotland.

After a few shopping errands I started the journey eastwards from near Lochgilphead using the B 840 road , a single track road some 23 miles in length which follows Loch Awe north eastwards.  With the loch on your left and, in the main, forestry on your right I find it a rewarding journey at any season. It's not the fastest solution to your travels and the wildlife seen along the route is never exceptional, but there's a certain tranquillity and "wildness" associated with the route.

From arriving at the mainland ferry terminal and commencing to travel eastwards it was apparent that there had been a significant arrival of Willow Warblers. They were everywhere and the whole countryside was full of their song. This continued until close to my destination at Kinross where numbers fell off dramatically. Whilst a good selection of  species was recorded little else stood out on the journey which, nonetheless, provided a good spread of commoner birds in great weather conditions. The first "hats off" day and almost too warm to be travelling!

Close to Kinross my sat nav gave up on me. This was the first occasion in my experience when the message " You will now have to travel offroad"  appeared. Thankfully I realised where I was which, in reality, wasn't very far from the Travelodge anyway !   Time for a rest, a cuppa  and to watch the Arsenal v. Reading football match !!

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