Saturday, December 31, 2011

Poised for the future!

After a break of several weeks it feels strange getting back into Blogging mode again!  However, here goes..........
An entry today on my previous Blog title, Islay Birder, gives a brief explanation of why I'm updating things, adopting a new title and launching out on a wider platform of reportage than before. Besides all the usual birding and conservation commentary, there'll be feedback on lobbying activities relating to bird of prey persecution and other issues.

Previous to Christmas I spent a lot of time discussing and researching how best to focus effort on the current plight of raptors. An honest appraisal of the last thirty years shows little permanent improvement to have occurred and persecution still being rife. Clearly more action is required and, hopefully, help can be given toward other collective efforts aimed at improvement.

So, watch this space. Bird action and action for birds!