Monday, December 31, 2018

2019 scene setter !!

In a personal sense, the last two or three years have been a mixed bag of happiness, family misfortune and uncertainty. Birding has been hit and miss, although with a few "highs" it must be admitted, , but I'm now persuaded things are as close to " stable" as anyone else might expect and, therefore, I'm really looking forward to 2019 !

With a new, personal recording area chosen ( more later ), surveys selected that, hopefully, I can contribute to , local groups/Societies identified, periods at Spurn already booked and April given over to being in Cyprus cataloguing migration and promoting some of the conservation issues , via this Blog , that affect the island, 2019 could be busy !

I'm currently in the Scottish Highlands until mid Jaunuary and so Blog entries will have a decided northern flavour.   I recognize that Blog entries have been few and far between for quite some time and apologise for the absence of entries. Hopefully past injuries can now be permanently set aside !!  For me, Blogging is not just a means of sharing the enjoyment of wildlife experiences with other people, but a means of promoting sites to be visited, conservation issues and general news of interest.  Achieving just part of that in the forthcoming year will make the effort more than worthwhile.

I'm also enticed by the prospect of taking part in Scott Mason's (BTO ) 100 Birdtrack entries challenge, of finally giving proper coverage for WeBS of all the water bodies in my recording area, going for a 300 + year, trying out a newly selected VisMig site, BTO Owl Surveys , woodland surveys and much more. It's a way of keeping out of mischief if nothing else! 

So here it is, Happy Birding, 
Great way of having fun, 
Here's to the future now, 
It's only just begun.

With deserved apologies to SLADE.