Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Islay Barnacle Goose issue appears dormant !

Since writing about the actions which Animal Concern Advice organization had raised and referred on to the Police relating to the methods undertaken as part of the Scottish Natural Heritage cull of Barnacle Geese on Islay, nothing, but nothing, appears to have happened.

I have written myself to the authors of the original paper in British Wildlife requesting any updates they might be aware of and offering to assist in promoting the issue , but have received no reply. I understand that they were invited to attend the next meeting of the Advisory Group on Islay, which is to be held in March, but such might now have been superseded given the different aspects taken over by the case. No updates appear to have been issued by either the RSPB  or Animal Concern ,or official statements issued by SNH beyond the initial response at the onset of the reports. No update has been traced on any investigations taken up by the Police either.

So, nothing, or so it seems.  Given the initial aspect drawing attention to the subject was the paper offering alternative ideas to the current SNH policies in place, quickly followed by the issues of malpractice surrounding the scheme , the appetite for change and calls for action by the various bodies appears to have subsided abruptly. On the other hand the light under the back burner going out or the long grass growing higher might be seen as a benefit by some...........