Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bolivia anyone?

BirdLife Bolivia  ( Asociaion Armonia )has just published a major report on the country's avifauna  ( State of Bird Conservation in Bolivia ).

To many , Bolivia will be a bit of an unknown when it comes to birds, although I suspect trips have been more regularly available from the U.S.A. than from the UK. Whilst it's a land-locked country it plays host to 1422 bird species and is the sixth most bird rich country in the world. For example, it has 12 macaw species alone!

As elsewhere human influences on the environment abound, which places very real pressure on some bird species, indeed a developing risk of extinction. The alteration of forest habitat into pasture or farmland is by far the most serious threat, but even the illegal trafficking of wild birds can be included in the list of activities which have potential effects, chief amongst whose targets is the Blue-throated Macaw population.

All such challenges are set out in what might prove to be a ground breaking approach in the design of such reports whose style is deliberately set out to appeal to all, from interested civilians and school children, to government officials, scientists and conservationists, to business managers and both national and international policy makers. A tour de force aimed at elevating the significance of the country's bird life in global terms!  Having seen some tour reports I guess the country will increasingly become a venue to be savoured at the very least!!

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