Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Early stocking-filler news!

Hi everyone. Just an update and explanation given the lack of continuity in Blog posts recently. I've recently returned from Gartnavel Hospital, Glasgow after an operation on my left eye. This was entirely successful and involved removing a cataract affecting the lens ,which was obscuring my vision, and replacing  it with a brand new one. It's beginning to be a "common" operation nowadays with a very, very high success rate. The transition is remarkable and I'm damned sure my vision in that eye is better than it's ever been ( and I considered it very good in former times!! ). The extent to which staring out to sea for passage birds or into bright, blue skies counting raptors over many, many years might not have helped, although there's no evidence for this. With worries nowadays about UV levels though I guess it's sensible to take every opportunity to protect a resource that we all value so much because of our hobby (obsession? ).

With the pressure on our National Health Service in the UK being more severe than ever I'll simply say that, at every stage of the process, I was impressed and nothing, but nothing, could be criticized. It is an excellent organization! Any large organization is bound to have its problems from time to time. These can be resolved by good management. What can't be resolved so easily is endless revision  and interference from politicians who desire to put a different stamp on the process. Our NHS is the envy of the world, and rightly so! Certainly here is a very satisfied patient, utterly grateful and in awe of what can be achieved, and so thankful of the new opportunity to enjoy so many things for years to come. Thank you, NHS!!

Given the fact I'm not supposed to drive for a while I'm afraid "active" reports of birding will be absent. I'll try and insert a few entries of other things going on in the birding world until after the "sign off" date in December! I'm already plotting and planning visits , trips etc for 2013, however, I'm not, as some wag suggested, going to start a list of birds seen with my "new" eye!!!  Happy birding folks!

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