Saturday, June 21, 2014

A little bit of natural "history".

A couple of weeks ago I returned home after a good spell of birding at a variety of places around the UK. Following a couple of  "domestic days" getting things organized I was ready to enjoy what Islay had to offer. But as with every potential idyllic situation , there was a downside too.

Despite a brief period of working the television then went off ! Now I have to say that I'm utterly dependent on Mr Murdoch's empire when it comes to TV services, as attempts to receive "ordinary" telly through an aerial on the chimney have met with unmitigated disaster. Indeed most of at least two aerials have been spread around the countryside as a result of high winds within fierce storms.  Natural forces at their most potent!

On this occasion the problem appeared to be associated with electricity, not from within a failed supply source, but of an altogether natural variety!! Various parts of the island had been affected and, of course, other equipment was affected too, including computers for some. I escaped that onslaught but suffered from some gremlins which now appear to have fled the circuitry of their own accord.

Well,of course, with all the excitement building around sports events, being without a telly was a bit of a bum deal given it took a fortnight to get things sorted.  And then, with a system restored, and entertainment guaranteed,  the next phase struck.  England's elimination? Oh no, that could be deemed "natural" in a way , I suppose. No, this held more potential than that!   Just after the Costa Rica v. Italy match commenced (our time ) we had not one, but two, EARTHQUAKES !

Just after 1700 hours a distant rumble was heard and slight effect felt , followed a minute or so later by another. See the British Geological Society web site for details ( ).  Thankfully , they were seven and six kilometres down and "only" 2.5 and 1.7 in intensity, of which I'm told the UK suffers around 25 per year!!   Was this a portent of things to come ?  Within 90 minutes the final blow was struck?  As for the telly, well, I've switched it off in disgust or in honour of all things natural!!!  

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