Thursday, November 26, 2015

What a difference an hour makes!

Jan Crowther  ( Kilnsea, Spurn ) has kindly pointed me in the direction of two Comments on Mark Avery's Blog that were submitted in response to a Guest Blog by Professor John Lawton dealing with the Spurn Visitor Centre issue.

Both comments refer to the owners of property located not very far from the proposed Centre, namely Southfield Farm and the property immediately adjacent to the Blue Bell,  Both properties were offered to the Trust but not responded to.  I suggest all readers should acquaint themselves with both John Lawton's comments and those submitted by the two Kilnsea residents.

Quite frankly I find much of this extremely unsettling if not bizarre. So many subject areas spring from the page, not least value for money, but also the unresponsive attitude levelled at the above residents. Such  hardly smacks of effort being put into maintaining  harmony and integrating activities and local residents. In my view both properties would have created a combined base on which the objectives of the Trust associated with the proposed Centre could have easily transferred. I'm bewildered and that doesn't happen often!!!