Monday, January 11, 2016

Spurn Visitor Centre........the penultimate chapter?

Due to being engrossed in "domestic things" at present I'm a bit out of sync with the timing of all this I'm afraid.  Anyway, shortly before Christmas the planning application was submitted by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust relating to the proposed Visitor Centre at Spurn. The details didn't appear until the New Year but can be viewed on the East Riding of Yorkshire web site  ( details below ). As I understand it the closing date for comments or objections is 3rd February, but may now have been extended until the 11th February, a fact that probably needs checking.

  From a quick inspection of the information available the application appears not to have departed from the declared intentions of the Trust in any major way, but be aware that there are over thirty documents/maps to examine !  Like many people I would have dearly hoped that the clear problems the Trust has to face in managing the site since the tidal breach could somehow have been resolved by a varied "package" of initiatives that didn't involve the construction of a large visitor centre.  Whilst I'm content that the various alternatives suggested were given due consideration the Trust has stuck to its initial preferences which have resulted in the above application. The matter is now down to the Planning Officer concerned to determine whether the matter should be allowed to proceed. Objections can be submitted, but remember that, at this stage, all such objections should be of a "material nature" not simply registrations of dissent against the idea. Advice on what is considered to be "material" is usually available via the local planning department's web site or by direct contact. Clearly, in circumstances like this, local residents have a much greater variety of circumstances upon which they might object due to potential effects on local facilities, property etc.

The Spurn Bird Observatory Trust Committee has advised its supporters that they intend to object.

Dear Friends

As you may be aware the YWT have now submitted their planning application to the ERYCC to build a new visitors centre in triangle field. This is despite the committee lobbying on your behalf over the last 12 months to to try and convince the Trust to change the location. Sadly this was not possible so as previously advised to you in December 2014 we as Spurn Bird Observatory Trust Ltd committee are left with no choice but to strongly object to the application.

Over 80% of our members voted in favour of this action so it is our intention to use the services of a professional organisation that specialises in this work to give us the best possible chance of success. Can I kindly encourage you to visit the link below to obtain further information about the plans and make a formal objection yourself if you consider it appropriate.

The planning details are as below together with a link to the ERYCC website.

15/03947/PLF | Erection of a new Visitor Centre, construction of new car park and associated landscaping work and erection of a 23.0m high radar shipping scanner for Associated British Ports | Land South East Of The Dovecote Spurn Road Kilnsea East Riding Of Yorkshire HU12 0UH

Time is very limited with this application so can I kindly encourage you to visit the link site as soon as possible.

Kind Regards


Rob Adams - Chairman and Treasurer of Spurn Bird Observatory Trust Ltd at 0700 hours on 11th January the above link is not working correctly in the sense that you access the  East Riding of Yorkshire's web site, but are told the server is down and to try later.  Try this link for a more direct  entry Visitor Centre application
 All you need to do is to enter  Visitor Centre, Kilnsea in the box and you'll be directed to the various details.