Monday, June 27, 2016

Spurn latest.......democracy in action !

Well , it seems East Yorkshire has been swept up in the maelstrom of change and uncertainty just as much as other parts of our democratic processes!!

Today at the East Yorkshire Planning Committee meeting it was resolved to defer a decision on the Visitor Centre proposed by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust for erection at Kilnsea at the head of the Spurn Penninsula. Not an outcome that would have been predicted with any confidence, but what major issues can be nowadays it seems?

Following short presentations by representatives of the Trust and local residents, and consideration of the recommendations by the Planning Officer, it was decided a site visit should be held to examine the location at first hand.  Concerns were raised over the location of the proposed Centre and associated flood risk,  and perhaps more importantly, that there needs to be certainty over the lack of ANY other possible alternative location. This is an important point for consideration as it has been repeatedly suggested suitable alternatives do exist more in keeping with development within the area but, perhaps most importantly, more realistically linked with the likely visitor attendance associated with the presence of a Centre. This is not a point the Trust appear willing to accept given their more ambitious commercial objectives and expressed confidence in visitor projections, the latter considered vastly overstated by many !

So, what next? Well, no date for a visit has been determined, so a further period will elapse before the final outcome is known.  It is democracy in action after all (! ), but for those who raised objections or doubts about the proposal there is now some room for optimism.

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