Monday, January 2, 2017

High hopes for 2017 !

Here's to the future now
It's only just begun.

So, in the words of the song, the time of year has arrived again when , for birders, unfettered anticipation and a possible resolve to see more than in the immediate year previous arises. 2016 was, for me, a year of extremes, but not in a birding sense. I moved south from Islay back to my native Yorkshire, not an easy change but one which holds increasing possibilities. Now a year of  "can do better " ( much better in fact )  is certainly on the books.

Unfortunately, since last Spring, a number of things emerged which frustrated attempts at any "immediate birding" or systematic coverage locally. Thankfully all these are now sorted out and the future is bright with opportunity for wall to wall birding. It's the first time for decades that I've had few or no circumstances to tie me down.  Trips have been planned, including much more time being spent on the East Coast and I'm really looking forward to it all !!   I might even try a 2017 Year List !!

As a taster of what possibilities are present , news came on New Year's Eve that a new Yorkshire record had been set by Garry Taylor in 2016 when he saw 285 species within the year in the County.  Mega place !!  Whilst I shan't be chasing that figure I'm hoping 2017 holds promise to deliver a reasonable proportion of what clearly can be seen within the County. It is a big place after all !! 

I'm in Scotland at present and whilst I can't start much in earnest until the 3rd, local opportunities are certainly not barren or unexciting. With Pink-footed Geese occasionally feeding in the field next to the house, Whooper Swans calling from the Beauly Firth in the distance and a wide variety of passerines visiting the garden feeders from the surrounding farmland and woodlands I'm certainly not frustrated or disappointed. Positively encouraged you might say !

Whilst I've taken my foot off the pedal in recent times as far as Blogging is concerned, I can promise I'll now be returning to the fold and relating all that happens in the upcoming year. Ready to be bored ?  I'll even weave in a few aspects linked to conservation for respite......can unfettered anticipation be taken any further I ask? 

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