Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Donald Trump and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Now all of what follows is conjecture on my part, but I wonder about it all the same.

Much was made during the media coverage of the G20 summit of the approaches made by Merkel, Macron and May ( the M and M's ) to Donald Trump in an attempt to influence and reverse his previously announced withdrawal of the USA from the Paris Agreement relating to Climate Change.  Various sections of the violent demonstrations which took place left no doubt what was thought of Trump, either specifically or generally, in this regard.  No response was forthcoming from Trump on the matter.

Now we learn, here in the UK this morning, that his intended visit here has been put back to sometime next year. I just wonder if, on his return home, his advisers have cautioned strongly against his visit where it is likely a high level of opposition to his plans and him personally would be in evidence on the streets and in the press.. Remember over 2 million people registered their opposition to such a visit and his refusal to alter matters with respect to the Paris Agreement would infuriate further environmental groups and many others. The negative vibes to his already shaky reputation is not the sort of thing he would relish. Such opposition would be directed at him, not a collective presence of Heads of State.  Bad news one might say !

So does this also mean that, on his return home, discussions have been held already about the Paris Agreement and that the situation is not going to alter. We'll have to see what the ensuing days bring, or don't, in the form of announcements.

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