Thursday, May 24, 2018

A policy that did change !

Yesterday saw various sections of barbed wire had been removed around fields on the Spurn Penninsula, a commendable response from the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Ltd. From personal experience such is not a nice job, or a quick one for that matter, so the final outcome might take a little while ! 

Apparently a single strand will remain across the top of the fence line as an experiment ( per a Facebook entry ).  Such is common practice where cattle are present and, given the area has seen both Long-horned and Highland cattle present in the past, one can only imagine this is providing for future management approaches. It must also be remembered that appointed graziers can offer opinion as to the provisions around areas where their stock will eventually be present.  An additional modification that might be considered at some future point is the installation of "deer gates". Simply a location where the fence line height is lowered slightly and wooden protection is placed across the wire which allows deer to leap across the fence more easily and safely, which they soon become habituated to.

However, overall, the area has the developing potential to be safer for wildlife than previously, which is surely what everyone wanted.

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