Saturday, March 28, 2020

Birds of Cyprus.

The book shown below was published at the very beginning of 2020 and joins others in the series of field guides produced by Helm.  I was really looking forward to it supplementing the variety of birds to be seen in Cyprus on my visit this Spring , but then current circumstances intervened. I was also looking forward to spending time with Colin ( Richardson ) and to congratulating him face to face on what is an absolutely excellent publication.

   This is not a review in a formal sense, more a celebration of what is a tremendous publication that would no doubt have enhanced the enjoyment and experience of many birders visiting Cyprus for the first time this Spring.  As might be expected from Helm the standards throughout are beyond first class, be it the layout designs, illustrations, presentation of the text and distribution maps and the reproduction quality of the photographs. The authors  and all others involved deserve our thanks for a volume that will give countless hours of enjoyment !

I particularly liked the compendium of birdwatching sites and the exhaustive and precise details for each. Such is a fitting tribute to Colin Richardson's diligent exploration of the island. I'd highly recommend this book to anyone intending to visit Cyprus ( which , currently, is in a more severe form of lockdown than the UK ). Future circumstances will , I am sure, be different and allow the full benefits to emerge from what is a wonderful island. For those who have already reaped the benefits of visiting Cyprus then the book provides a wonderful prompt to reliving  the experiences you have accumulated.

Until last year I'd never had a good view of what is now accepted taxonomically as Cyprus Scops Owl. Then the view of a slightly angry looking bird peering down at us from the upper confines of a large thorny bush were superb and the diagnostic slightly darker and greyer plumage well seen . Such has been perfectly replicated in the stunning illustration on Page 142, even to "the look", an experience now depicted in perpetuity. Thank you.

It may well be that visits to Cyprus might now be curtailed for some time. More reason to get a copy of this book, repeatedly savour the contents and build up your enthusiasm for a visit at a future time.
You'll not be disappointed in any respects.

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