Tuesday, July 3, 2012

In transition one might say! 2.7.2012.

Off well before 0600 hours to get the early ferry, now leaving from Port Ellen given the development work has been completed. It's almost at the farthest point from here around to the south east, but the journey is much improved by the road upgradings which have finally been completed!  Sadly the journey and crossing was spoilt with  light rain combined with mist, but periodically improved.
I was a little surprised to hear both Song Thrush and Willow Warbler in full song on the mainland possibly signalling repeated breeding attempts by both. The local pair of Mute Swans resident around Tarbert Harbour are obviously going for the "Most Photographed Avian Family of the Year" award as they and there six cygnets strategically placed themselves next to the adjacent car park, studiously ignoring cars and walkers  alike.
The return ferry journey in the evening progressed over a metal grey sea stretching , unrelieved, in all directions until lost in ill defined horizons shrouded in mist. Very little was in evidence except for a few auks and the opportunity to record any passing cetaceans across a reasonable sea surface went unrealised.

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