Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Not quite used to it all! 23.7.2012.

Monday morning emerged fine, sunny and warm!! Distant visibility was a little obscured by haze, plus a blustery breeze was noticeable over open areas but, all in all, what a difference and certainly not the air temperatures met with very often on Islay!!  Anticipation of what to expect on the early morning walk was high and didn't disappoint.  The usual route was sufficiently enticing, embracing a passage alongside woodland, along an enclosed country lane and paths besides open farmland, some parts with cereal yet to be harvested, other areas already cropped, and always carrying the potential to provide a good list of common birds.

Odd Yellowhammers were still in song and a couple of Common Whitethroat continued to advertise their territories.  Bullfinch, Treecreeper , Tree Sparrow, parties of titmice, young Willow Warblers and various young thrush species all appeared  at various points coupled with individuals drawn from a wide list of expected species. All in all simply solid , routine birding, but nice and , above all else, warm!!  Positively Mediterranean compared to my usual experience arising from the eastern edge of the Atlantic seaboard !

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