Monday, May 13, 2013

A day in transit. 9.5.2013.

A continuation of poor weather with intermittent periods of rain, grey skies and a fresh SE wind. Thankfully my ferry journey across to the mainland in the afternoon was unaffected, in fact the "newest" ferryboat cut through the sea conditions in fine style! As I travelled north eastwards the conditions improved, with the wind dropping, the sky opening a little and also a short period of evening sun!

The morning at home had been a bit of a "write off". Other than a few auks and the odd Gannet the major part of the ferry journey also was uneventful. As we reached the mainland, a number of Great Northern and Black-throated Divers were in evidence, some in splendid summer plumage.  The road journey north eastwards, via Fort William, Spean Bridge and Newtonmore was characterized by a low volume of traffic, which allowed the full benefit of evening bird song to be enjoyed en route. It was great, nothing special, but a continuous presentation matching the magnificence of the adjacent scenery. So very often bird song is snatched away by the ever present breeze, or worse, on Islay which, combined with much less tree cover, then makes a succession of Blackbird song a pleasant novelty!

I finally reached my destination as darkness was falling, after an almost continuous drive of  four and a half hours. And so to bed in order to assault the morn!!

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