Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A time to rejoice and reflect (but sadly).

It's probably best not to get too hung up on the reasoning behind why and how life itself progresses, be it for us as humans, for what surrounds us or what inhabits Earth alongside us or even, indeed, the processes that sustain us. But can we really afford to ignore everything completely?  Do we not have a wider responsibility to Mother Earth?

This morning broke clear and bright, sunshine and warmth bringing an automatic lifting of the spirit.  Indeed, this was the scene immediately outside my kitchen window this morning...... a tangible signal that we associate with Spring, despite such a scene being part of a managed process.


Despite this "warming" picture, the Spring has been marred by poor weather and numbers of young lambs have been found dead. A fine balance between what we can control and what we have no control over at all.

By contrast, my early morning journey down to the coast met up with these fine beasts that did the usual stampede across the road from farmland to cover. A great sight, but a subject I've mentioned previously!

Such was the close proximity of the encounter that I must admit to thoughts of my own mortality afterwards and of how fragile is the balance between assured continuity and closure!!

Now all this reflection comes in a week of good news in family terms and warm feelings of security.  "No. two daughter", Rachael , passed her driving test on Monday and enjoyed her 18th birthday today, "No.three daughter, Katherine , had her interview today to become a Prefect at her school, daughter, Ashley, continues to be embroiled in the high legalities of football club takeovers, my son's partner, Rose, gained a job as a designer in Sheffield, and my son, Matthew, traced some long desired reference material relating to his Great Grandfather, of which probably considerably more later!!  Satisfying milestones in personal terms and tangible signals of success.

But all this can also engage with extremely sad aspects too. Tomorrow, Dave, Chris and Emma will attend the funeral in South Yorkshire of much beloved wife, Mother and Mother in law, Margaret. A personal friend and someone from whom friendship and fun is no longer to be enjoyed and experienced. Heartbreaking and a signal life for us all is not assured, but an experience we should all use to the full to the best of our ability.

Nature too and our environment might always appear to be in equilibrium, a system that will always be there for us to use, take for granted,  abuse and generally ignore, but we do so at our peril.  Earth, like us, can also have finite aspects attached to its functions and be subject to circumstances we are responsible for and which could be avoided.  Given we,ourselves, are all subject to a finite period of survival it makes sense to make the best of that time, but also, within that time, to conduct our survival in such a way that it complements, not reduces, the very physical processes that sustain us. Whilst we will still have to experience personal sadness and loss, such a contribution to Mother Earth will still embrace personal success and friendship and provide for those who follow circumstances to be enjoyed within an environment that is vibrant, healthy and carries real promise and signals of permanent renewal and quality ( despite marauding deer! ).

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