Friday, March 21, 2014

Argyll Bird Club meeting. 8.3.2014

A rather dated entry I'm afraid due to not having access to any WiFi whilst on my travels.  So , here goes at a catch up!!

After yesterday's disjointed day, first with one ferry being cancelled, then it departing from a different port and then a 60 mile detour on the mainland due to difficulties on the Rest and Be Thankful road, all I wanted towards the end was to forget the 7th!!  After several years of attempting to sort out landslide problems or potential threats, it seems the adopted solutions have been circumvented and fresh challenges arisen.  Quite candidly, I feel all of us will be thankful once Argyll and Bute Council finally resolves whatever real problem is getting in the way of success.

After a refreshing night's rest at the Arrochar Hotel it was time to go to the nearby Three Villages Hall for the Spring meeting of the Argyll Bird Club.  Getting up to date on various things, meeting old friends, and listening to a series of extremely interesting presentations made for an absorbing day with surprisingly little time to spare.   A central theme to the programme within the main presentations was associated with tracking. Fascinating results associated with Basking Sharks off Argyll,  sea birds breeding on Colonsay and venturing to various feeding locations and Cuckoos caught in mainland Scotland, but wintering in Africa, were presented, all of which were fitted with differing types of "locators" allowing their movements to be followed in detail.  Details were also given of record numbers of Jack Snipe caught and ringed in the Clyde area and of a more recent initiative to fit LBBG's caught in the Glasgow area with plastic rings , as well as the normal BTO metal ring, and the immediate increase in sightings which had resulted.  Finally an extremely useful summary of wind, wave and tidal power initiatives in the Argyll area was given. All in all, an extremely good day!

And then off to Glasgow to meet up with Matthew, who was joining me for a few days "Highland birding". He'd already met up with Rachael for a brother and sister update and gossip exchange previous to my meeting them.  Our pub venue in the City centre was interesting to say the least , as was the buffet style Chinese restaurant we then moved to.  As an end to a busy day Matthew and I then drove out to Glenrothes and the start of our birding trip.      

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