Saturday, March 22, 2014

Brief update on E-petition.

Having WiFi access has allowed me to check the E-petition site to see if the Government response has yet been posted given I've not received anything by E-mail.  Nothing has appeared as yet!  Given I imagine the Government is bound to provide a response within the normal limits they themselves undertake to comply with, I'm anticipating something within the next few days, otherwise I shall make contact with the Department concerned.

After the magnificent show of support from everyone I'm a little frustrated that things are dragging on a little. However, the Government response is important and better a slight delay and a telling  explanation of their position than something brief and hurried.  It may even be that they're having to ponder a little!!

Again, many thanks to everyone who provided support and for your continuing patience in awaiting the outcome. Once the response is received a separate Blog will be devoted to examining what has been said.

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