Saturday, May 2, 2015

Update from Malta. Hunting season closed!

Only a little over a fortnight after the referendum which saw hunters' overturn a proposed ban on spring hunting the season has been closed advised the Prime Minister.  A continuation of illegal activities and two blatant incidents caused the peremptory action to be taken by Government. A teenager was injured by some irresponsible shooting and a shot Kestrel actually landed in a school playground.

It seems the previous warning by the Prime Minister that the referendum result was the final chance hunters would get has gone unheeded and in their arrogance they have brought on the situation themselves.  Full details can be seen on BirdLife Malta's website Spring shooting season closed.

It now remains to be seen what these actions result in as any further shooting might be deemed illegal and easy to detect. As a fully declared and actioned deterrent  it should be a signal to the hunters that their days of choice are numbered.  Unless they fully adhere to the law and cease any blatant exploitation of what had been a mandate to continue their activities their actions will undoubtedly have made many people who voted against the ban review the wisdom of their judgement!!  After all the majority which swung the decision was only 2200.

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