Thursday, September 24, 2015

Record broken of most birds seen in a single year!

News has emerged that the record set up by Ruth Miller and Alan Davies from Wales in 2008 for the most birds seen worldwide in a calendar year has been broken.  Ruth and Alan saw 4341species and their story is immortalised in the book " The Biggest Twitch", which is packed full of details that allows you to live alongside their efforts that year. I've read it twice already and will doubtless read it again at some point !

Noah Strycker from America has announced that he has already broken the above record with fifteen weeks still in hand to the year end. His target is 5000 birds seen in a single year, that figure equating to just under half of the world's known species dependent on which taxonomic tome you consult!!  Given he's still to visit SE Asia and Australia there's clearly a good chance he'll link up with the 659 species he needs if not more.

Some feat, but I still think we should congratulate our own trailblazers who not only set up the initial record, but then wrote about it and gave us a tremendous bit of escapism in the process.

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