Friday, April 29, 2016

The Year of the Moose.

If you missed the BBC 2 Natural World programme last evening at 8pm,   " There's a moose loose",  make every effort to try and pick it up on repeat or elsewhere. It was fabulous !

Moose numbers are reducing in Canada and there are clear concerns as to why this is happening, whether the causes can be rectified and so on.  The programme addresses many of these but, along the way, introduces its audience to much more in the way of wildlife in this part of wild Alberta.

I'll not spoil the main theme of the story by repeating it here, just try and watch it.  The standard of photography is excellent with some very creative shots along the way. It really is mind blowing and I'm certainly not the sort of person usually to be converted that easily. The backdrop of scenery is, of course, dramatic in the extreme and comprises areas that I suspect many of us will never venture in to.

Besides all this we're given a very informative, close up treatment, intimate even , of the life of the Moose. Like many things it seems to be an almost insurmountable dilemma when wildlife populations are reducing, not it would seem because of our actions, but of natural dynamics. What should actually be done, should we intervene or should things be left well alone?.  Whatever your feelings , watch this programme as you'll not regret it.