Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Surprising survivor !

Way back in May ( the 21st ) I wrote a Blog about a Roe Deer which had become suspended on a barbed wire fence at Spurn.  I'm at Spurn again for a period of time and was more than a little surprised to come across the individual concerned again the other morning.

Taking a usual walk down North Fields to the coast and Kilnsea Wetlands I first saw a Roe buck, then a healthy doe and then, out of nowhere, but with a jaunty gait nonetheless, appeared the injured female.   Not something I would have ever expected as I had presumed that, sadly, the individual would have died through infection or an inability to look after itself. But here it was ! Brilliant.

The leg is still bereft of  muscle or tissue and flaps around loosely, presumably because it was also broken at the joint originally.  Despite its awkward gait it kept up with the other two and even negotiated a wire fence, although with some difficulty. I guess this might be the cause of its eventual demise as it obviously can't lift  the "loose leg" when jumping, somewhat ironic really.

But let's celebrate the current situation and pass thanks again to Steve Exley whose sterling efforts at releasing the animal has given it at least another summer of freedom.

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