Tuesday, November 20, 2018

A general update !

After an unexplained period of silence I thought I'd better provide some words aimed at clarifying why I've issued no Blogs for the best part of three months. To those who, from time to time, have dipped into the site and found nothing new, I offer an unreserved apology.

Immediately after my last posting in August  I went down to Cornwall, ostensibly to spend some time seawatching in the hope of picking up on some of the goodies that occur  around that time and into September.  I thoroughly enjoyed the first part of the holiday and had some good birds, And then my fortunes changed !!  Following an exploration of the woodland lining the access route down to Limorna Cove I decided to park adjacent to the quay and scale the nearby coastal path, which I guess eventually leads around to Porthgwarra.

All went well initially, with Manx and Sooty Shearwaters and even a distant Minke Whale . despite the weather being drizzly and miserable. After almost three hours I decided to return to the car, but slipped on the footpath during the descent, gave myself a bit of a battering and, in particular, injured my left knee  (  there goes the football career, but I'm relieved of the burden of learning Spanish or Italian !!! ).  The rest is history as they say.   I haven't been very mobile in the aftermath, although  I've still managed to spend three weeks at Spurn, spending prolonged periods in the car seawatching or perched up on the Humber seawall !!

It all seems to have paid off, as things have gradually improved, but it's been a slow process.  I'm determined to see things through as, having tried unsuccessfully to hasten things on a couple of times , I'm now happy to patiently await the final outcome which I'm confident will arrive previous to the New Year.  Not being able to pursue things in a chosen fashion is frustrating, but I've now decided to issue several Blogs on what might best be described as " passive issues"  and hope that these bridge the gap up to the time when I'm fully active again. Incidentally, the rumour that I fell off a cliff whilst twitching is a bit overstated !!

So, watch this space, and thank you for your   patience.

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