Thursday, September 9, 2021

To Blog or not to Blog?

When I look at the last Blog entry I made ( 1.1.21.) it's full of some certainty and resolve. A handful of days after writing it [ and after a really great morning of birding with Matthew ( my son ) to celebrate the new year ] we were in lockdown again! Great, I thought, here goes, back to following the intentions set out in the previous Blog dated 20.4.20 and accepting the limitations. Well, it's not turned out quite as bad as I thought it might as lockdown restrictions were lifted to some extent during the Spring and Summer such that birding might tentatively begin again and I managed to enjoy periods at Spurn in May, July and, more recently, late August. It's not until very recently though that I've felt a sufficient level of certainty that's then allowed a bit of forward planning to emerge. An enthusiasm for following up a few survey ideas has returned together, this time, with sufficient confidence to believe it might prove possible to see things through to the end! I'm just about to go back to Spurn for 2/3 weeks and then, similarly, from mid October to mid November, so life has certainly begun to take on shape again. Caution is still the word in many respects if a sensible approach is to be followed as I'm sure we'll face one or two "Covid challenges" over the autumn and winter but , nonetheless, I believe we've now reached a point where we can look forward with increasing confidence whilst embracing this new normality. In my case it hasn't yet reached the point of considering foreign travel !! So, the answer to the question posed in the Blog title is an emphatic "yes" and an accompanying expressed hope that opportunities to put words on paper and share the excitement and wonders of the outside world will now emerge. Watch this space !!

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