Thursday, January 5, 2012

Back to normality!

A much better day in some respects with even the odd sunny period, which somehow made such a difference to the overall atmosphere. Nonetheless a quite robust wind remained and some occasional showers were quite fierce. BUT, finally, the power came on in the early afternoon, so , after 56 hours, normality hopefully reigns.
Not for all though as, previous to my writing this, I've just been down to the nearby village to visit friends and transfer the contents of their freezer into mine as they are still suffering from a lack of power provision.

Previous to all that I'd had a lengthy telephone conversation with a colleague about the varying aspects that face the conservation movement relating to the ongoing problem of raptor persecution. There are equal elements within the short to long term future which need to be addressed surrounding a problem which has not improved markedly within the last thirty years. So , much to be done.

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