Monday, January 9, 2012

A taste of things to come!

A great day for weather with sunny periods , no rain (!) , a little breezy but, overall, a general feeling that the worst of times was now behind us. I'd a few tasks to see to so the day was broken up into two or three distinct parts.
After a wander round locally, which didn't really produce much, I went down to the coast to do some seawatching. However, within all this time, numbers of geese, mainly Barnacle Geese and Greenland White-fronted Geese plus some Grey lag Geese, were repeatedly flying around the area near home or moving from one favoured feeding area to another. Such short term frenetic activity is uncommon and was being caused by the repeated passage overhead of a helicopter associated , I suspect, with the power company which is still in the process of checking line damage etc.There was quite a brisk WNW wind that was backing the sea. As far as you could see large white capped waves were rolling in and meeting large upwellings of water closer in to the coast, all culminating in a dramatic seascape picked out by the bright sunlight coming from the south. Interestingly around 40 Auks flew south in singles, twos or threes, a single Black Guillemot, besides small numbers of Shag and gulls ( Common, Herring and GBBG ) being around.
Later I went to check on the presence, or otherwise, of a pair of Golden Eagles, and had a most enjoyable hour watching the birds at a distance as they "patrolled" over their territory. The size difference between the two birds was so apparent and, whilst the female bird maintained a series of straight flight lines, on a couple of occasions,  the slightly smaller male rose high in the air and then plummeted downwards in a spectacular diving display that was quite breathtaking.. Seen in the afternoon sun ,with the strong sunlight catching the  " golden heads" of both birds, this was an experience to treasure and an indication of how early such raptors enter into the initial stages of their breeding cycle. A great afternoon.
Distraction of the day came in the form of the Horizon TV programme dealing with the |Higgs bosun Particle  ( the GOD particle! ).  I'd so looked forward to it , but in the final analysis I didn't really enjoy it at all.  I'm afraid once the presentation entered into the realm of Super Symmetry I lost the plot entirely!!  Best to stick to birds I guess.

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