Thursday, January 5, 2012

Training Day 3.1.2012.

Not the film Training Day,  but the events that followed an horrendous night of  building westerlies and the eventual house shuddering squall around 0615 hours that knocked out the electricity supply. The noise had gradually built up until there just remained an all enveloping wall of sound within which events then happen. Daylight eventually established itself properly around 0830 hours. given Islay's location at the very southern extremity of the Inner Hebrides, and revealed no damage had occurred. Later reports from the airport advised that winds had reached at least 106 mph, and other sources suggested higher levels.
The wind persisted so , falling back on training from past lives, "the survival room " was set up downstairs complete with cooking stove , food, bottled water, lighting ( candles and torch ), lots of warm clothes, blankets and sleeping bag  etc in anticipation of the worst. As my water supply is off the hill the final essential link, in the form of an electric pump pushing the water into a tank upstairs within the house, was obviously hors de combat and imposed disciplined usage!! Having lived in a house where the roof was stripped in a similar gale shortly after moving to Islay I was taking no chances, hence seeking out the safest haven! It was all a bit of an adventure really, particularly as the telephone line remained intact ( mobiles don't work where I live and radio reception is rubbish ) and I could pick up on some information and link up with family. All this was fine of course during the day, as you can read and keep busy , but then starts the night around 1630 hours. I think many of us have lost the skill and fortitude to read in candlelight and so, as someone once said, early to bed!

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