Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Even more discussions! 30th January, 2012.

The morning saw us locked again into more discussion about what might be done to save the ailing Hen Harrier population in Bowland, which now represents the only regular breeding area. in England. Bill and Pat Murphy came round too so it was very much a gathering of the clans. More will be said on the raptor subject in due course, but it was sobering to contemplate that the current situation with raptor persecution in Bowland has changed so little in what has been a significant proportion of all our lives and the amount of time which has been afforded its attention, particularly from "the Billls".

We resolved it wouldn't be as long before we met again (!) and I set off on the next leg of my journey. I travelled east through Clitheroe back to Harrogate in Yorkshire to meet up with an old friend and colleague, Paul Irving. Paul  worked for RSPB in Bowland, now works for the  Government's ecological research laboratories and , in what time remains , acts as Chairman for the North of England Raptor Forum besides being much into birding and ringing..

From early evening , when we met, to late into the night our conversation centred around raptors and persecution and what might be done . The situation is dire and has to change!!  

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