Saturday, March 31, 2012

As seen from a sedentary position! 28.3.2012.

A slightly modified phrase, borrowed from the Speaker of the House of Commons, but very apt when applied to  reporting what can be seen from a given position "occupied" over a period of time.  In my case I wasn't offering derogatory remarks against the presentation of a Minister in Parliament, but simply recording the bird species which might be encountered, at an appropriate season admittedly, from a given vantage point. In my case I was overlooking the Sound of Islay and it was extremely interesting to record what occurred over the day, in addition to completing the routine monitoring work I was involved in. In excess of 30 species from a sedentary position whilst sitting in a none too diverse habitat location is not bad by any means!

I've long been interested in the potential passage of birds through the Sound of Islay. Not as prolific, nor diverse as other vantage points locally, but of interest nonetheless. Today I suppose the highlight was an immature Glaucous Gull moving north in a very determined fashion up the centre of the Sound, but , also, sightings of Red-throated Diver, Red-breasted Merganser, Razorbill,  "on the move" plus the undoubted gradual movement through northwards of GBBG, Herring and Common Gulls which was an almost permanent feature of the whole day. In addition to this several sightings of Golden Eagle, Hen Harrier and Peregrine were all more than an uplift to an otherwise long day! The first confirmed "White Wagtail " was a final bonus for the day!

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