Thursday, March 8, 2012

Retracing footsteps of the past!

An early start, on my own, visiting a series of sites I used to regularly cover in the past, both within and around the Peak Park and some close to where I lived. Certainly a memory lane day! The weather was kind with some sunny periods , although the highest points were a bit cold despite there only being a breeze!

Birds seen were much as anticipated and it was as enjoyable to see Lapwings and Curlew displaying over a couple of moorland fringe sites where they were, er (!), fifty years ago as to watch the birds themselves. Whilst some things have changed , it's certainly not all gloom and doom. I spent a time within a small tract of deciduous woodland and enjoyed watching the whole selection of species you might anticipate there, including a Nuthatch at 2 m. , which actually did a repeat "visit".  This was a species that certainly wasn't there in the 60's and 70's   so there has been some changes. Most frustrating was hearing a short spell of drumming, almost more of a whirr, that I'm convinced wasn't Great Spotted Woodpecker, but its much smaller relative. Lesser Spotted Woodpecker has bred there before a number of years ago so a current confirmation would certainly have made this a Red letter Day!  Despite spending time looking ,waiting and listening not a further thing happened.

Various reservoirs boosted the number of species seen and, all in all, it was a really enjoyable bog standard birding day....but somehow I didn't mind, as I'd also relived a whole series of exciting experiences of the past in the process and remembered a lot of people I've sadly lost contact with.  I think I'll start a business called Nostalgic Birding Tours.... everything you've seen before and more!!!

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