Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Distilled normality!

Sorry, nothing to do with whisky , I'm afraid, or its usage, but a statement more related to the normality of the last few days. As is very often the case when us pure individuals on Islay ( stated in a context of health ) venture out into the polluted maelstrom of general society we lay ourselves open to infection from all sorts of bloody bugs, and suchlike, that lay us low on our return. Not a myth, but a reality I'm afraid. A tribute to the circumstances we exist within and the restricted interactions within a small community. Anyway, I've been stricken down with some virus that has left me completely shattered. However, today has seen some interest being taken in normality, even without recourse to the holy medicine, and, hopefully, the worst is now behind!!

The Chancellor has done his worst , or best, and the threats relating to the relaxation of planning regulations, as they apply to our most loved and, hitherto, best protected areas, must now wait until the new planning guidance and regulations are revealed. I took encouragement from the brief explanation he offered in this respect and hope that he has taken heed of the potential level of criticism he will  entertain if something more draconian is suggested.

For the first time in a few days I witnessed the falling of dusk from the rear of the house.  Odd calls from Lapwing and the bubbling calls from Curlew confirmed the gradual withdrawal of light and the receding silhouettes of the surrounding hillsides into a more all embracing darkness. A reassuring end to a day that will have the same components marking its resurgence in the morning, a repetition that we often take for granted and , perhaps, should offer more relevance to and draw more enjoyment from. Simple, free, but resonating with the daily rebirth of our lives and very existence.

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